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October 2, 2014

DIY Halloween Costumes - Ventriloquist Doll

Now that it's October, I am 100% in the Halloween spirit!

Last month I showed you how to make a Fall Wreath, but tonight I'm going to share my Halloween costumes (yes, multiple) from last year. If I can find some good pictures from previous years, I may share those at a later date as well... I love me some costumes

Costume 1: Ventriloquist Doll 
Last year I was completely obsessed with Pinterest (okay who am I kidding, I still am... you can follow me here) and that is where I found the Ventriloquist doll idea... I wanted something potentially slightly creepy. Here's the final product (in Instagram fashion and normal camera view):

Being blonde starting to grow on me

I won't lie... makeup took awhile.

Things I needed/used:
- Blond wig (I brushed it through quite a bit to flatten it some)
- Halloween makeup (a lot of white face paint, some black, and some red)
- Fake eyelashes 
- Paintbrush
- Small toy-looking jacket (purchased from Goodwill)
- Thigh-high black stockings with black bows on the top (purchased from Party City)
- Small black top hat clip (purchased from Party City)
- Black tank top (I already owned)
- Black skirt (I already owned)
- Black heels (I already owned)

I started off by putting my hair up so it would fit in the wig, and then I started on my makeup... as seen below.  I layered the white face paint on all over my face, neck, and chest. I then did the fake eyelashes and used the red paint to give myself small doll lips.

I could have stopped here and been just a normal doll, but I decided to go ahead and try out the rest of the ventriloquist makeup.

After adding the black definition lines, thick eyeliner, and my wig, I was ready.

Blondes really do have more fun

I know that's a lot of selfies (too many... I know I know) BUT I can't find the other pictures from our Halloween party where there are actual photos of me with people, instead of just a bunch of selfies.

Costume 2: She-Devil 
Per my normal mindset, I like to reuse part and pieces of my wardrobe for Halloween - I don't like browsing for those "sexy adult costumes" and spend $100+ on a costume. I was also a she-devil last year.

By reusing most of my ventriloquist doll costume (black stockings, skirt, shoes, and tank top), a red blazer I already owned, and a borrowed headband with sequined devil horns... this was one of the easiest costumes I've ever had to throw together.

Aww check out my little French artist friend :)
I can't wait to make my 2014 costume! I already have my ideas... it will require a trip or two to Hobby Lobby to collect my supplies. Be on the look-out! Or check my Pinterest boards to see if you can guess which of my pinned costume ideas I'll be going for this year. 

Enjoy the Halloween season! 
I can't wait to get some pumpkin carving and baked pumpkin seeds in the works this year.

My flirty 2013 pumpkin

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