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February 28, 2011


You know those websites that you just look through, and look through for an extended amount of time without realizing it? Well, is one of those sites for me. Yes, that make me a nerd, and I'm totally okay with that. I just entered about 20 contests to win more books... because I don't have enough yet? haha my library is constantly growing faster than I can read them all, but I'm okay with that, too.

I also frequently update my goodreads page so if you dare, feel free to friend me here. I'll read just about anything, and am always open to suggestion :)

I'm currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, and am on book 6. I find them pretty darn interesting; they're funny, and dramatic, and sexual, and just all over graphic.

That's all I can think of to write right now, I just figured I'd share my thoughts after perusing the goodreads site for a good 30 minutes before realizing how long I'd been there :)

February 27, 2011

Thrifting Fun!

I love thrift stores. I just have to throw that out there. They're fantastic to look through, and normally I find some gem in the store that I need to have... well, I went the other day and found (in the back of the store in a bin, of course) a package of remnants taped together for 50 cents. 50 cents! What a deal :)

Here's what I found...

Too cute! I have an idea on what I want to do with them... aka rosettes for hair accessories for spring! What a find! 

February 22, 2011

Nolan-Inspired Headbands

Fun fact of the day: I have an Etsy shop (which is linked below my profile) and I also have a friend who recently (as in 2 weeks ago) opened an upscale consignment shop in Glen Ellyn, IL. She very kindly let me set up a small display of jewelry and hair accessories that I make... complete with a stack of my business cards, of course! 
Apparently whenever little girls come in with their moms they head straight to her vintage jewelry table, so she asked me to make hair accessories for the little ones.... 
Channeling my inner 6-year-old cousin, Nolan (her favorite colors are pink and purple), I came up with these felt flower headbands 

The purple one sold the day after I brought it in! :) Very simple and cute... kind of remind me of Easter. 

February 17, 2011

Recycled Crafts!

Last year I became a huge fan of all things recycled. I started researching different craft projects to use recycled materials for and found a few that I put to good use. I found some sites that had tutorials for magazine bowls, you've seen them in stores for a ridiculous price... but you can make them at home with old magazines, hot glue, and some extra time. I ended up making this awesome bowl which I brought down to school with me and used in my kitchen as my fruit bowl :)
Since then, I've also made a set of 4 coasters and also a music note decoration for my wall. I love it because it's one of those repeat movements that relaxes you and lets your mind wander. You can also make them into any shape your little heart desires, which makes it even more fun!
Check out my tutorial for the bowl and coasters here

And for a closer look at the coasters and music note, use the following links
Music Note

I already have a lot more pages folded and ready to be glued... I'll let you know if I come up with something different than what I've done before!

February 12, 2011


This is my first blog post! Yay! :)

I guess I should explain what I'll be posting and writing about here... As you can see by the title "Crafty Little Things" you'll start seeing arts, crafts, and hobby posts! I have an active imagination, and I'm a Gemini, so my interests are everywhere and I have many creative outlets.

I read a lot, so if I enjoy a particular book, I may share that here. I also enjoy writing, I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, and have written a few articles on (some of them are craft how-to's).

I have an Etsy shop! So I'll probably be sharing my items with everyone here as well (if anyone is reading this anyways). Basically this blog is just another one of my creative outlets, and a way for me to share with anyone and everyone what I'm doing, how to make your own, and my opinions on books, movies, music, etc. So stick around, this could be fun!