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May 18, 2011

It's Been So Long...

Sorry it's been so long on an update! I've been making spring accessories (as promised) and also planning a backpacking trip through Europe! My best friend and I booked our flights last night, so I've been in a frenzy trying to pin down some other reservations :) Very exciting...

We'll be flying in and out of Dublin, and the tentative plan is to get to Scotland, England, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Italy. We have 28 full days, with 2 days for flying. If anyone reading this is from one of those countries, any insight into what we really should see would be phenomenal! :)

All right, enough about those summer plans, and onto what's new in my Etsy. Click on captions to see more pictures of each!

Aztec Pendant

Romantic Goldenrod Ring

Romantic Goldenrod Filigree Headband

Love Drop Earrings

Pink Owl Cocktail Ring

Raspberry Filigree Hair Comb

Lavender Filigree Hair Comb

Antique Bronze Rose Pendant

So, those are some of my newly listed items :) It's been great fun making them and even seeing them around right now is fun! I do have a May promotion going on in my shop, and I'm thinking about having a promo in June as well, before I leave for my backpacking trip.
Hopefully my next post will be more exciting :) Love you all.... Happy Hump Day!

May 5, 2011

Mas Spring Cleaning, Por Favor!

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! In lieu of an exciting day (complete with sunshine) I decided to be a little productive on Etsy. I've added a promotion to my Etsy shop for the month of May. Any purchase made from my shop in May will come with a free handmade gift (also made by me!) It can be just about anything! I'll make sure that it fits in with the theme/color palette of what was purchased, but it will be fabulous, I promise.

I've also added a SALE section to my shop. I've been making so many things (that I haven't added yet) for spring, so I decided to try to move some of my other items by lowering the prices of 16 things! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc!! Here's some of what is on sale:

Shabby Chic Flower Pin
Antique Bronze Rose Necklace

Black/Pink Double Chain Earrings

Teal Drop Necklace

Black/Red Chandelier Earrings

"Diamond" Drop Chain Necklace

Seafoam Green Hair Accessory

Feel free to check out my SALE section here! I'll be adding new items soon! I just need to take some pictures, but I did make some rings, hair combs, and headbands today! Just in time for spring! Warm weather, cute warm-weather clothes, colorful accessories... I really can't wait! Happy Happy Thursday to all!