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March 6, 2011

Rosette Madness!!

So... I finally made some rosettes out of a few of the fabric remnants I picked up at the thrift store! Exciting, I know. Using the dark blue, light blue, and pink fabrics I crafted a trio of rosettes for a thin black metal headband. After arranging them into a triangle on a piece of stiff felt, I added 4 champagne colored pearls for added flair :) This is how it came out...

cute, huh? It's currently in the inventory to bring over to my friend's consignment shop where she graciously agreed to let me sell my hair accessories! :) 

I also made a light yellow rosette for myself, stuck it to some felt and a black bobby pin, and added a daisy-shaped button to the side...

Pretty much in love with this one :) Not to mention it looks super cute with my hair up when I'm headed to work (all black uniform needs a bit of flair) I might need to make some of these to add to my Etsy shop! 

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