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April 4, 2011

My Summer Inspiration

So, a little over a year ago there was this really fantastic blog started by a woman who decided to make a new article of clothing every day for a year on a budget of $1 per day. Her "New Dress A Day" blog can be found right here and is absolutely fantastic.
Last summer, my friend and I found this blog, and got inspired to go thrift store hunting for dresses that have amazing fabric, but awful style. We each created 2 dresses, and it was loads of fun :)
It's almost summer again, and I've begun thinking I need to start this up again, since it was so much fun last year. I went thrifting today, and found a bunch of things I want to fix up! I cannot wait!! I'll start posting pictures and whatnot, but, I will admit that this is nothing as extensive or fantastic as what the mastermind to this idea does. This is me, being my dorky self and sharing it with whoever is listening.

I also bought a ridiculous amount of books, since one thrift store had a deal of 5 hardcover books for $1 and 8 paperback for $1... ridiculous! Had to splurge, so now my goodreads account will go a little crazy soon, too :) hooray!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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